Free Trade Zones nonsense

I just got this message from a very good friend who has been checking into this Free Trade Zones nonsense. Please read this and learn the truth of what is going down – that being America herself. This MUST go viral NOW!!! If you delete this one, you deserve what these ass holes deserve that have sold us down the river to the rest of the rich in the world. The time for SERIOUS action is NOW. We cannot let even one of these foreign investors to have one inch of our soil. This for profit corporation that pretends to be our government has just laid the last straw on the camels back. When are we going to end this crap? Is it not now time for the real America to stand up?
If after reading this your blood isn’t boiling you are dead, and certainly NOT an American.
Be sure to check all the references given. This is not some conspiracy theory. This is the Rothschild’s final push for one world order.
From time to time the tree of Liberty MUST be watered with the blood of Patriots and tyrants. (Jefferson)
That time has come. The only question is, what blood type are YOU?
James-Paul : Madison
God bless USAll

I have been consumed with finding out more about the Free Trade Zones since sending out the email last week. I’ve found quite a bit of information that I will share with those interested. The news is not good. First let me define a few terms.

Free Trade Zone:
An area, near a port of entry into this country. In these ‘zones’ goods can be brought into the zone and removed from the zone without paying any customs fees. The product will only be subject to these fees if it enters our marketplace. These zones are under the direct control of the US Customs Department. In fact, the local police can only enter these zones if allowed by Customs. These zones are actually corporations, they don’t exist as place on a map per se. As it turns out, any area can be considered a port of entry.

EB-5 Visa:
This visa program is specially used for foreign investors. Foreign investors that have $1 million to invest in a US company, or $500,000 to invest in a ‘distressed’ business are eligible. The companies must be approved by the US citizenship and Immigration Services. This visa allows individual investors an immediate green card for themselves, their spouse, and all children under 21. They may thereafter sponsor other family members to come here and receive a green card. The visa allows immediate property rights, so they can buy a home. They are also immediately eligible for full Social Security benefits. Here, a lawyer explains the program in a short video.

Regional Centers:
These are areas that investors can invest in. Simply put, they are investment projects. These vary widely from shopping centers to housing developments, to mines and oil fields, to Hollywood film making. Beginning 1/13/11, the entire state of Colorado was designated as a ‘Regional Center”  . Notice, at the bottom of the page, that the CEO and all contact information is in Dallas. I haven’t gone down that hole yet, but I am curious.

Rep. Jared Polis, has been a big supporter here in Colorado.

There is much focus on drawing in these investors as states are facing massive budget shortfalls. And the laws allow each governor and even mayor to negotiate these international deals with little interference from the Feds. The State of Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, 201 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80202—The City and County of Denver.

There’s something for everyone!!!

This program is full of lawyers, investment firms, and government agencies, a recipe made in hell.

Invest In America

Here’s how this all computes in my head. First, we send all our money overseas, in particular to China, though it’s gone to many other countries as well.  Now they have all our money and they can come here and buy us out at rock-bottom prices. The homes lost in foreclosures, sold! The mines in Alaska and Idaho, sold! The oilfields in Texas, sold! Not to mention the farms and every other resource we have been blessed with.

I’m still trying to digest this information. Do a search using the above terms and see for yourselves. This is big business, involving every business. And being sold to us as a way to provide jobs. The investors must provide at least 10 jobs to ‘qualified’ applicants. Meaning US citizens, green card holders or those permitted to work here.

I’m not sure if I can muster any more hope for this country. I see our nation as a body riddled with cancer that has metastasized to every organ. We want it back, but there is no way to restore this body from the disease.  Are we simply keeping the shell on life-support?

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