Tariffs can they save our jobs and our way of life?

Could tariffs be the only way to rebuild our manufacturing base?

One of the major early actions of Congress was the passage of the Tariff Act of 1789, which was designed to: raise revenues for the new government by placing a tariff on the importation of foreign goods (averaging more than 8 percent) To encourage domestic production in such industries as glass and pottery by taxing the importation of those products from foreign sources. This gave American manufactures   an advantage over foreign manufactures.

Tariffs are constitutional. Tariffs were used by the founders to raise money to operate the federal government. And was at one time their only means of support. Tariffs protect Americans way of life and enabled small business to compete with the likes of now day’s Wal mart . This advantage in turn creates industries that all Americans can enjoy. Tariffs create jobs.  Isn’t that what we all want?

American manufactures to be able to compete with foreign competition?

Now we have law makers and Americans that think that tariffs are evil.  Tariffs raise prices. Tariffs may raise prices. that is true. The advantage is that Americans are working and not in the unemployment lines. I think Americans could take a little increase in prices if it meant they were working and rebuilding industry.

Why should the profits of American companies that take advantage of slave labor and encourage the oppression of the people in said countries?  Be protected when the American people are being hung out to dry?

These countries that we call our trading partners.  Most (if not all) live in slavery and oppression. The Workers live in filth with no hope of a better life for themselves or their families’.

Is this? The vision that our federal government, and so called American companies have for the American people?

Americans have inherently wanted a better life of themselves. Why wouldn’t a free people seek a better life?

Why would an American want America to become like China? Or one of the many countries our ancestors fled to become Americans?

It is past time to stop trying to save the world. We as Americans need to put ourselves first for once. And think about our own country, our jobs, and our way of life!

Bring back tariffs so Americans can compete with foreign companies once more! or plan to become like our trading partners enslaved and oppressed.

source used  http://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h963.html

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17 Responses to “Tariffs can they save our jobs and our way of life?”

  1. Sams-son52 Says:

    It’s about time someone brought this up now maybe it will open some eyes and the goverment won’t have to be dependent on american people through taxation to suport itself. Not only can we run this country maybe we can rebuild America and put are people back to work where there isn’t just 3 major stores owned by a few rich people making all the money and setting all the rules for the rest of us to live by

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