Will the American people be fooled again?

Are the DNC and the RNC  running a game on the American people ? are grassroots groups  buying it ?  Will  their deception  secede?

More and more incumbents both democrats and republicans are not seeking reelection. and very cunningly  waiting until the last minute to says so.

Why ?

Could it be that most people don’t know ? That if no candidate in either partly, has the number of signatures needed for the primary, then the RNC and the DNC , Can hand pick the candidates?  Leaving the people of that state little choice, but to vote for the parties poster child. Not the choice of the people of the state.

Could 2010 be a failed attempt by the American people to regain control of it’s government ? Are politicians that dirty?

By hand picking the candidates the DNC and the RNC  are insured that their agenda is followed and  that the people that get on the ballet are DNC and RNC choices not the people of the states.

With the take over of the grassroots movement by the Republican party. and Now Evan Bayh joining the vote them all out team. One wonders ?Are the people of the United States smart enough to see what is going on? are they powerful enough to stop the government in its tracks ? Only time will tell.

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3 Responses to “Will the American people be fooled again?”

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