Washington State Small Businesses Seek Relief!

   A failed rush to justice has put weatherization contractors in Grant, Lincoln, and Adams counties in Washington State. At risk. It has made them the Victims of an investigation by Washington State Commerce and The Dept of Energy Investigator General over allegations of conflict of interest and employee misconduct. The investigation began in July of 2009. As a result of a complaint made by a disgruntled contractor. This has resulted in non-payment of completed contracts putting these small businesses in jeopardy.

  These small businesses that have already fulfilled their contractual obligations and through no fault of their own these businesses have experienced losses that could end their ability to continue to employ workers and remain in business.

  What small business do you know that could withstand $30,000 to $50,000 in losses? After 7 months of investigation with no charges being filed isn’t it time for the state of Washington to pay contractors for work they already have performed? Before the state contracts with the council to administer more money in federal and state funds, for use in Grant Lincoln and Adams counties?

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Washington State Small Businesses Seek Relief!


North Columbia Community Action has been under investigation over allegations of conflict of interest within their administration. These allegations were made in June of 2009. Since that time they have been under investigation by Washington State Department of Commerce and the Federal department of energy Inspector General. The focus on the investigation has been the weatherization program and its employees not the contractors. Subsequently the director of the weatherization program Caroline Schell was dismissed. Council administrator Ken Sterner has stepped down. Two other unnamed employees were investigated and later dismissed.  

No criminal charges have been filed.

  The state and federal reviews in this matter have been completed since September 2009.No public report has been made available. This report should be made public and any and all finding of the investigation should be disclosed.

  The local contractor with valid contracts have met their obligations! The work the contractors completed has been inspected on at least 3 occasions. The first inspection was done in July 2009 by an inspector for North Columbia community action. They were inspected two more times in Sept and Oct. of 2009 by department of commerce while they conducted their investigation. The contractor’s work past inspection each time, they were again inspected in January and Feb.2010 all inspections passed.

  Despite contractors numerous pleas for relief to our government officials  Congressman Doc Hastings,  State rep, Judy Warnick, Senator Janea Holmquist, The Attorney general and the Governor’s office of Washington state, Washington State Department of Commerce and Federal department of energy I. G . As of this date no one seems to know anything, no one has any answers, and no payments, have been made to contractors. None of our elected officials seem to know, who is in charge. It seems they are turning a blind eye to the contractor’s dilemma.

  You tell me in this economy what business can afford to lay out the capital expenses for material and labor then not get paid for over 7 months? These contractors have obligations, businesses to run, and bills to pay. Let’s get to the bottom of this issue and stop harming honest people. These contractors have been patient and accommodating through out this process.  It is no wonder small businesses are struggling.

 The Bottom line these contractors should be paid forthwith for contracts completed plus interest from the time payment was due. This needs to be done now! Washington State

For more information contact svazquez674@hotmail.com


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